Stress less. Play more. Work better. Each of our pre-designed workshops are ready to go right away, and provide skill building that is simple, fun, and effective.

Interactive Storytelling

Essential to creating long-form interactive fiction is the ability to create solid narrative on-the-fly. The class combines improvisation, storycraft, and ensemble work to give students the tools they need to weave amazing stories for audience participants.

When: Saturdays from 1pm-4pm, July 20 – Aug 10 
Where: ColdTowne Conservatory
6929 Airport Boulevard

Price: $175 +tax


Networking Simulation (Coming Soon) 

Asking a stranger to help you advance your career is difficult but an integral part of landing and maintaining many of our dream positions. Signup today to stay informed about the development of our latest simulation on professional networking. 

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Avoiding Burnout

Stressed out? Start here

You go to work and kick butt everyday, because you’re awesome. But with work comes stress, and with stress comes the threat of the dreaded BURNOUT. Get the tools you need to tackle workplace stress and transform work into something you look forward to everyday!

Difficult Conversations

Tackle the tough talks

No matter your profession, sometimes stressful conversations happen, and that’s ok! Learn to use empathy and proper communication skills to transform those tough talks into growth opportunities.

EQ Builder

Develop your emotional intelligence

Being a people person is invaluable, but tough to learn from a manual.We’ll provide you with a complete toolset of communication and listening techniques and bring your emotional intelligence to the next level!

Kinesthetic Team Building

Play as part of a team

No desks. No powerpoints. No packets. This high energy workshop takes learning out of the booklet and into the body. Learn vital skills for operating as a team player through play.

Interview Skills

No impression like a first impression

Whether you are interviewing for a job or meeting with a new client, you want to make a good first impression. Explore verbal and nonverbal communication strategies to make the most of these meetings. 

Presentation Technique | Public Speaking

Present like a pro

Whether you’re making a sales pitch or teaching a class, speaking in public is about more than just knowing the words. Learn proper vocal technique, essential body language habits, and how to properly engage an audience. Hone these skills and you’ll be presenting like a natural in no time.

Presentation Technique | Audience Engagement 

Don’t just speak… engage

Through a combination of improvisation, social psychology, and everything in between, participants will learn to turn speeches into conversations, field questions with ease, and transform a tense room through humor. This class on public speaking teaches to activate your audience, not just deliver a clear.

Interactive Training

Crash course on interactive performance

Improvisation, storycrafting, directing, and social psychology combine as you study with our Interactor Training Team, responsible for designing the simulation component of our soft skills training programs. 

Custom Workshops

Customize your journey

Pick and choose from the skill sets covered in our ready-to-go workshops to create a one-of-a-kind training, or build a custom series designed to target the unique needs of your team.