By Kevin Percival

So, the last few posts were all centered around our business and philosophy.

This one is not. I’d like to chat a little about the town we’re based out of, and how I like it. A lot.

Starting a business is nuts. No matter where you live and no matter the business you begin, the process gifts you with caffeine fueled late nights, piles of deadlines that never seem to go away, and a heaping helping of fretting over the future.

But folks, Austin has made that a much smoother process, largely thanks to its welcoming, giving, totally awesome community. This city is busy, and growing bigger and busier so fast the traffic clogged highways look fit to burst. Yet folks here do something I have not seen in many cities. They give you their time.

This is huge. I worked for five years in New York City, and if you contacted someone in your field with a thought or idea you were in for a long awkward pause followed by a click as they hung up on you.

That was normal. But not in Austin.

In Austin, folks get excited. It’s weird. They seem genuinely interested, no, they are genuinely interested! They want to go out to coffee and unpack the idea for hours and then invite you to a future event to discuss some more. They care about new ideas, and that is indescribably refreshing. It is a glass of ice water on a sweltering summer day.

Which is great because it is also so hot here. So indescribably hot…

Which means the winter is fantastic. I love this town.

It all begins with a conversation. We believe that if we are training our clients to be person-centered, it’s imperative that we do the same. That’s why we always put our clients first.

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