Experience Design

(ix)plore Lab is the interactive experience design laboratory located in Austin, TX. We are dedicated to creating innovative solutions to soft skills training. Our experts can be your coach. We help you learn by living it so you can stress less, play more and work better.

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Kevin Percival

Kevin is originally from Oklahoma City, and now calls Austin home. Previously, he worked in New York City as a creator of interactive theater. He collaborated with companies like Interactive PlayLab, Peculiar Works, Journey Lab, and Live In Theater. During that time, he also worked as an educator for Brooklyn Public Schools and for alter-abled education programs like YAI, Dreamstreet Theater Company, EPIC Players and Florida Studio Theaters VIP Program. He now combines his backgrounds as an interactor and educator.

Olivia Jimenez

Olivia studied applied theater and performance at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. She uses theatre and interactive techniques as forms of community activism, as well as therapeutic and educational tools. Her experience design fosters joy and playfulness. She is currently a Yoga Therapy Intern in Austin, TX. Olivia’s work has given her the opportunity to apply interactive theater everywhere. She has designed for yoga studios, kindergarten classrooms, medical schools, the county jail and more.

Nathan Porteshawver

Nathan is an artist and data scientist who lives in Austin, Texas. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Brandeis University with degrees in Politics and Theatre.  Later, Nathan graduated from Northwestern University with a Masters of Science in Predictive Analytics. Since then, he has optimized theater organizations, nonprofits and business operations alike.